Why don't you lease your lift?

A rapidly increasing market needs innovative leasing models

Leasing is the future and opens up new, amazing prospects to you.

Things which were not fundable yesterday can be brought about by leasing, now.

We devote a lot of energy to developing new advantageous concepts in order to adjust to your demands.

By the help of services which go far beyond leasing and are geared to your particular needs.

When developing your leasing-plan we make full use of our abilities.
Whether it is about leasing movable property or real estates, Operate-Leasing, Asset Management, part- or full amortization, "build and lease", "buy and lease", and "sale and lease back" – it's a broad field and makes individual adjustment possible.

This is also valid for municipal leasing.

In municipal leasing local authorities have recognized completely new prospects on how to invest in the future of cities, administrative districts and municipalities – despite being short of money.
More and more often municipalities make use of the full-service: that means planning, building, financing and running.

All this makes it possible to invest money where it is supposed to bring the highest benefit.

Advantages making you independent:



Ask our specialists. We will be pleased to support you and your plans.


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